Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math

The students in this program learn and develop skills to hydroponically grow and produce a wide array of fruits and vegetables that are used to supply the school salad bar and the to-go salad program. The students also gain skills in other types of growing applications.

hydronponics 2019.2020
hydrophonics 2 2019.2020

Technology Innovation and 3D Printing
Students explore 3-D printers and printing capabilities. They also act as consultants to a regional business development organization considering adding 3-D printers to the available tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses within the region.

STEM Competitions
Students participate in a variety of STEM based competitions that require group collaboration, and critical thinking to design solutions to problems. In 2017 – 2018 students competed in egg drops, pumpkin drops, and velocity maximization competitions.

gw cup design
gw tshirt designs

Patriot Custom Designs

Students become experts in sublimation printing, laser engraving, and embroidery to design and manufacture goods to sell in the school’s retail space. Leveraging the makerspace equipment, students staff and manage the retail business with an emphasis on sustainability.