Forget the Emperor…The GW Choir Has No Clothes

Forget the Emperor…The GW Choir Has No Clothes

How can you help?

Donate through the  GW Choir Donors Choose Website

Donate by writing a check in the GWHS Office

Sponsor a robe for $125 and pay for it in the GWHS Office

Detailed Information:

Many of our students have been selected to perform this spring in county, regional and state honor programs as a result of their hard work and achievement. The events REQUIRE students to have school choir robes. We currently have NO serviceable choir robes for students. The last time robes were purchased was in 1975…over forty years ago. We are growing rapidly and anticipate our membership will double within the next year. With proper care and maintenance, new robes would clothe our organization for the next 15-20 years. Our school is the state academic leader. The excellence of our Instrumental Music program is legendary. Please help our Vocal Music students achieve the same levels of distinction!

More information can also be found at GWDonorsChoice
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